Different Kinds of Prescription Safety Glasses

Different Kinds of Prescription Safety Glasses

Experts warn that unless you wear safety glasses, you run the risk of suffering unwanted and preventable eye injuries. In fact, not wearing the right protective eyewear leaves you at a ninety percent risk of suffering an eye injury. It is no wonder that nowadays, workers are required by law to wear safety eyewear at their workplaces. No matter what kind of work you are engaged in, you need to protect your eyes with the right kind of eyewear.

Know What of Prescripiton Safety Glasses is Right For You
However, you may not have a clear idea about what kind of protective eyewear is right for your work. Not knowing which kind is right for you means that you can easily end up spending more money on an item that won’t do the job properly. Here is a brief look at the kinds of protective eyewear that you should think about wearing.

Don’t Wear Regular Prescripiton Glasses
If you need to wear prescription safety glasses, then don’t make the mistake of wearing your regular glasses as they are not designed to protect your eyes. It is also not a good idea to wear your regular glasses under safety eyewear. This will not only prove to be very uncomfortable but you also won’t be able to properly focus your vision on the task at hand. Worse still, it could leave you open to a serious eye injury. The right course of action is to choose prescription safety eyewear as it not only is more comfortable but also it improves your vision.

Choose the Prescripiton Lenses Carefully
Before choosing your prescription safety glasses, you need to be sure about what type of lenses are right for your needs. If you work as an employee, then your employer will designate a safety officer who will inform you about how much eye protection is required. There are two main types of lenses to know about. The first is the basic lens that is designed to withstand impacts and the second is the one that has high-impact resistance. You may also, depending on the kind of work you do, choose a pair with side shields or you could opt for full-face protection.
Your employer must check OSHA to determine what kind is required for the work their employees perform. If you work as an independent contractor, then you should buy prescription safety glasses with high impact resistance.

Prescription Safety Glasses For Home Use
You can also wear prescription safety glasses for home use. just make sure the pair is designed to withstand high impacts. There is a wide range of frames to choose from including many wraparound frames, which offer more protection. Just make sure that you choose a pair with Z87.1 standard marking. Also, ensure that you pick a pair that is light in weight and whose frames are made from light and durable materials. The lenses should be made from a polycarbonate material which is great for performing a variety of tasks.

Bifocal Prescription Safety Glasses
People in the age group of forty years or more may require bifocal prescription safety glasses. They choose progressive lenses to ensure they enjoy perfect vision at all distances. If you like to mow your garden or if you are making use of a power trimmer, then you should pick a pair that offers protection from all sides. so, be sure to pick a frame with a side shield to protect your eyes from flying particles.
You may also want to choose polarized prescription safety glasses if you work in the outdoors. These eyewear items are designed to cut the glare from the sun and they also provide almost total protection from the UV rays of the sun. you should not make the mistake of wearing normal sunglasses as they won’t allow you to distinguish true colors and you won’t be able to perform your work properly either. With a polarized pair, you enjoy better visual clarity and you can perform your work with greater accuracy. They also ensure that you won’t experience headaches on account of sensitivity to light.
The bottom line is that when it comes to choosing your prescription safety glasses, you need to understand that choosing the right pair holds the key to safe performance. Even if you are a very skilled worker, you need to ensure that you don’t experience even a second of carelessness as that could result in an eye injury. The right protective eyewear will greatly reduce the risk and so before you start working, make sure you put on your protective eyewear to minimize the risk of an eye injury. Also, the right prescription safety eyewear will ensure that you can perform your work more efficiently and more effectively.